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Immune System FAST Event

As the first year of college was coming to its end, foundation year students were asked to put together an event. Each group had to cover information on a particular body system.

For my group, we decided to choose the ‘Immune System’ and with that in mind, we began our search. Why the ‘Immune System’ you may ask? Well as Samia Rafi has nicely described in the introduction of our research:

It is that system that works selflessly at all times to protect us… it’s superiority, it’s uniqueness, the dependency of the other systems on it, it’s extreme importance for our survival is why we the student’s of G5 have chosen the immune system for our PBL project.

Scientific Research

For any successful project, planning and endless searching are required as the first step. And from that point, we began to work. After looking at many books, websites, and videos, and interviewing immunological doctors, we put together this research. Click on the image below to view the document.


Presentation & PTT

In additionally to gaining a bank of new information, preparing a full-on event plays a role in improving confidence and skills. Assembling a 20 min presentation to display our findings to doctors and students can be nerve-racking at first. But once it’s done, the rewarding feeling of sharing knowledge definitely feels good.

Website & Videos

One of the things that we stressed doing was to build a website. Fayza’s talented sister designed a logo that well described the protecting quality of the Immune System. We then started constructing a theme to be placed on all items belonging to the project (consistency is beauty in my world lol).

Therefore, the website as well had to follow a white and light blue color scheme. After spending a night designing it, followed by sharing it with the group the next day, we came to realize the amount of hard work we did and how everything is now indeed coming together.

The purpose of the website was for the information to be sustained and available for whoever is interested. We made sure that all documents and videos were included. Videos can be found on the website displayed or on the YouTube playlist.



Creativity! Working with a group of creative people was the best thing ever. How everyone was excited to share ideas, make models, quizzes, posters, bookmarks.. etc. It’s that teamwork and element of fun that made the whole experience enjoyable.

It also came to show that medicine isn’t just about burying our heads inside books. It’s about looking around us and finding ways, as creative as they can be, to devote what we learned to building a healthier and happier community.

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