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Yearbook Factory

A yearbook is a history book…

A yearbook is more than paper, words, and images. It’s a treasured collection of memories and dreams. A core part of every student’s personal story.

In my last year of high school, I decided to be part of the yearbook committee. It was a great experience to finish off my school years. It allowed me to interact more tightly with my peers and teachers. It was for sure challenging and consumed a lot of effort and time to complete, but the final result was worth it.

It taught me a lot about leadership, design, time, and budget management. We placed bakery sales and cooked chicken and sold it under the slogan “1 pound chicken” during lunchtime just to be able to raise enough money. The aim was to print the yearbooks at reasonable and affordable prices so that all students can get a hold of one.

On prom night the yearbooks were distributed and the yearbook team was rewarded for their work. It was a proud moment witnessing everyone make their way through the pages, commenting and laughing at pictures and quotes. I believe in memories and yearbooks do a good job of displaying them.

When I came back to Jeddah, I had a year off where I spent it home-schooled. I decided to spend that year working on a project under the name “Yearbook Factory” in the hopes to spread the concept a little deeper within the Saudi Schools community. I established an Instagram page and contacted schools, visited a few, and pitched my ideas. Some were interested more than others, but unfortunately, the year ended and I didn’t get approval to design one. But I still truly hope that one-day Yearbook Factory does have a solid ground for “producing history”.

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