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Sahira offers a variety of services for you to personalize your experience. She provides services based on creative opportunities, artist collaboration, and art therapy methodologies. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one art therapy sessions, an inside scoop on new art exhibitions, or a science-based creative session, her services can help you gain a deeper connection to self. 

Therapeutic Art Coaching

Art therapy is a creative, playful, and collaborative experience guided by you. Sahira hones in on your goals, challenges, and interests to create a unique coaching experience. Experience the healing power of art alongside a medically-educated professional. 

Curating Art Exhibitions

This community was created to support established and novice artists alike. Sahira offers curatorial services for planning and executing art exhibitions. 

Art Consultations

Meet with Sahira for a one-on-one art consultation based on your needs. Perfect if you want to discuss artwork, break down the psychology of a piece, or spend time creatively chatting with a like-minded professional. Feedback is personalized to your goals. 

Engaging Workshops & Events 

Workshops and events will be announced periodically. They are a great entry point into art therapy and spark a new creative fire in your life again. Stay connected and reach out to Sahira if you have any special workshop requests. 

Coverage of Art Galleries 

Whether you are hosting a gallery or are interested in staying up to date on new showings, Sahira documents art galleries near and far. Discover the inspiration all around us with unique gallery coverage. 

The Marriage of Art and Medicine 

If you are looking for a more medical-backed art experience, contact Sahira for private or public sessions. She also holds public speaking events on the power of art and medicine. Sahira can assist with your healing journey or discuss the next steps for psychiatric support, depending on your individual case. 

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