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Chest Cavity

Let’s take
the road less traveled.

Reconnect with yourself through art, medicine, and adventure.



من نحن

Dr. Sahira Nahari has always been passionate about art and medicine. As an emergency physician and therapeutic art life coach, she strives to help others connect with themselves through creative expression. Art is a personal oasis where you can escape and reclaim your freedom in new ways. Medicine is the backbone that Dr. Sahira uses to guide you toward a deeper understanding of self: mind, body, and spirit. Her mission is to help you heal and thrive by combining the power of art and medicine in a therapeutic, light-hearted environment. 

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Therapeutic art coaching 

Curating art exhibitions

Art consultation

Engaging workshops and events

Coverage of art galleries

The marriage of art and medicine

A spectrum of creativity and science.

We work on resuscitating artistic projects to life with a sense of depth and understanding.

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