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The Woman Behind the Business

مـن هـي سـهـيـرة ؟

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Her Story...


Sahira Nahari is a doctor, artist, and multi-passionate explorer. She has a naturally curious mind and an insatiable love for adventure, travel, and horseback riding. She is a certified therapeutic art life coach with a Bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery. Sahira is currently working as an emergency medical doctor at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. In her practice, Sahira is aware of psychiatric disorders and can identify cases that may need to be followed up with a mental health professional. 


Sahira’s previous work in art therapy involves monthly volunteer visits to patients in hospital wards, helping them use art as a healing process. Sahira has done two previous art sessions for down syndrome and autistic children. She has frequently held small workshops and private art therapy sessions with her clients. Sahira enjoys collaborating with other artists and even lead an art exhibition at the Jeddah International Book Fair. 


Looking into the future, Sahira wants to make her services widely available to the public. She will be holding public workshops at the Jeddah Headquarters Business Park and surrounding areas. She will soon be a TEDx speaker, sparking the conversation about the marriage of art and medicine. Sahira has always been passionate about art and understands how beneficial it can be for people from all walks of life. Her artistic outlets helped her endure medical school and some of life’s most challenging moments. She hopes to help working professionals, busy adults, and passion-driven individuals reconnect with themselves through art and medicine. 


Sahira uses her unique educational background to harness the power of therapeutic art coaching. She offers a complete experience that combines expressing your emotions and building deeper connections with yourself and others.  She helps her clients understand the science behind healing and art therapy in new, emerging ways. As a result, her clients can leverage the inner relationship between themselves, their minds, body, and struggles. In turn, moving forward in a positive way. 


Sahira distinguished herself by setting her own academic challenges. Not only performing well in the academics but also taking part enthusiastically in the co-curricular activities. Nevertheless, she is an active participant, always trying to reach the core of the subject. This makes her a qualified candidate to lead a team for any task given.

Overall, she is highly intelligent and has great analytical skills. Her research work is always precise as she explains her views concisely by giving supporting details and facts which are both persuasive and clear. At a personal level, she is a well-disciplined and creative student with a pleasant personality.



—  Dr. Ikhlas Abdulaziz Sindi, Vice Dean of Female section at BMC

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